Monday, April 22, 2013

I may tend to be a terrible blogger, but at least I'm inconsistent.


Ok, it's been a while, so here's what's happened so far. I *was* in Brunei. Then, I left with Melissa for the El Nido in the Philippines. We went swimming  and snorkeling, I gashed my leg open on some rocks... it was an awesome time. Just a quick description of the place we stayed at the most. It was a resort that is best to reach by boat. Mel and I didn't know that, so we walked from where the tricycle guy dropped us off. It was a 30 minute walk in the heat and the sun, mostly through sand, while carrying all our stuff. Rough but worth it. The resort was mostly a grassy lawn (which hermit crabs crawled across at night), and a bunch of low buildings. Electricity was restricted to 10am-12pm and 6PM-6AM. The food was absolutely delicious and everyone was really nice. Anyway, we left there and went to Manila for a couple days before Mel returned to work for classes in Dubai. I stayed for a couple days there, then took a bus ~3.5 hours or to Tagaytay. Then, thinking I had left my tablet charger in Manila, I returned. Five minutes after arriving, I found my charger in a rarely used section of my bag. Figures.

After that, I decided to go to Sagada, a mountain town in the middle of nowhere with (as I discovered later) a 0% violent crime rate. One person told me it was a 6 hour bus trip. Another told me 12 hours. They were both sort of right, since it was two 6-hour bus trips. The first 6 hours was a relatively average bus trip (I assume, since I slept through most of it), and in the second 6 hours, the bus was piloted on what felt like 2,500 consecutive figure-8 patterns by either an aspiring F-1 race car driver or a suicidist. The scenery was beautiful. Eventually, I will upload the pictures. As for Sagada, I wasn't sure about it at first, but it is growing on me. It's really just one strip of road with a bunch of very small businesses run by the locals. No chain businesses, nobody bothering me to buy their things. I can get a bottle of local wine (guava wine!) for 150 Pisos, which is like $1.80USD. The people are awesome. Oh, and it's on a hill so I'm getting in better shape just by walking around. One of the best parts about this place (to me, anyway) is the smell. Pine trees are everywhere. Often, I feel like I'm at summer camp or a US State Park. Overall, not bad! Not sure where to go next, but I am thinking of Vigan, which is considered the best existing Spanish Colonial town.

As of right now, the editor, Jenn, is 1/3 done with the first edit of In Hell, and should be done with the second by May 1. I have also contacted several artists on, so hopefully something great will happen. We shall see! Sorry for the wall o' text... I'll try to be *slightly* better about consistent blogging in the future.



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